Rock Lobsta makes a splash in Shoreditch

July 4th, 2011 Comments Off

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Rock Lobsta arrived with some fanfare in Shoreditch on Thursday June 23rd.

With over 1,000 followers on Twitter, newspaper articles and food bloggers spreading the word before the ad hoc bar even opened in the annex of popular boutique store Luna & Curious, expectations were high.

What greeted me was a blast of pink and yellow peeking out from behind the all white exterior – think punk rock meets East London hipster – a killer 80s soundtrack and a masterful chef hard at work.

Provenance is an easy thing to preach but a difficult thing to get right. In this case, the minimal menu showcased the best of British sourced seafood. Fresh market lobster, crab and freshwater crayfish all available in a one-off, uniquely British, environment.

Drawing inspiration from the rise of New York lobster bars, the concept is the brainchild of three long time food professionals, consultant Adam Van Den Bussche, chef Carl Clarke and entrepreneur David Wolanski.

Their aim: to demystify a perceived luxury food that is viewed as unfashionable and unaffordable. Their motto: all things ‘lobsta’ to all people.

It worked. Over 500kgs of lobster and crab sold in just 4 days of trading.

Although you may have missed your chance at this incarnation, the trio have more ideas in store for a large scale ‘itinerant’ restaurant and a further assault on our tastebuds in the Autumn with another food concept hitting the streets.


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