Pizza Perfect

January 6th, 2012 Comments Off

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Coming from an Italian background, my pizza tastebuds are very well refined.
The dough has to be risen just enough, rolled out thinly and topped with fresh ingredients.  The only thing we were missing was a wood fire oven, which if you’ve been to my Nonna’s house, wouldn’t have gone amiss amongst the chickens, enormous vegetable garden, fruit and nut trees galore and makeshift smokehouse.

Wood fire ovens are unbeatable for adding flavour to a pizza. The veracity of anything that cooks your meal in literally a couple of minutes cannot be underestimated.

Homeslice, set up and run by three mates hailing from New Zealand, has created somewhat of a cult following over the past 6 months. Since starting they have been at King’s Boulevard in King’s Cross (weekly), Netil Market in Hackney (now sharing the space every Saturday with Lucky Chip), the opening of London Fields Brewery and Browns of Brockley.

The simplicity of their pizza is transformed by the half a tonne of homemade oven, built by the guys themselves, and hauled around to their various locations with great effort. You might think why bother but honestly, the smokey smells emanating from the chimney, with an amazing pizza made right in front of you and served achingly hot, is part of what, I think, makes it a fantastic place to visit.

Yet again simplicity has conquered all. No stuffed crusts, BBQ chicken or jalapeno pepper toppings here. Just a laid back friendly chat and a slice of heaven.


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