Meaty Delights

December 21st, 2011 Comments Off

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Meat on the bone turns some people off. They don’t know what they’re missing.

Is there anything better than tuning into your cavewoman instincts, grabbing a bone and gnawing on it.

It may not be considered polite, it sure isn’t pretty, but it’s something that taps into the enjoyment and physicality of actually eating: getting your hands dirty, sucking on the juices, making sure you get every last little piece.

The Rib Man taps into this visceral experience: the smell of charcoal from the BBQ the ribs are cooked on, the clatter of bones discarded in the process of stripping the meat, tender morsels spilling out of your mouth as you take a bite, shoving it back in with your fingers.

For those prudish about bones, the succulent, juicy slow cooked rib meat is also served boneless, generously filling tortilla wraps or white baps and bursting with huge flavour, something that you just wouldn’t get from a fillet.

Served with what can only be described as the most aptly named sauce ever, the food coming out of this stall gets you high on so many levels.

I think I may have actually had an out of body experience the first time I had Holy Fuck sauce, and yet it keeps you coming back for more. When the heat finally subsides in your mouth, a mixture of spice and tang is left that complements the meat perfectly. It really is addictive.

I admire the Rib Man, for me he captures the spirit of street food: do one thing and do it really well.

You can’t argue with that.
You will find The Rib Man at King’s Boulevard and Brick Lane – check the website for details.

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