A Proven Theory

April 3rd, 2012 Comments Off

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Hometowns are funny things. My hometown, Adelaide in South Australia, is dubbed the City of Churches. Not very exciting. And actually something I never really understood. A hangover from colonial days that seemed to colour my view of the place.

I moved away 11 years ago so really my vision and perception of it, somewhere I continually visit but don’t live, is distorted. For me, it was always a place set in its ways, unchanging and unwilling to try new things.

But something is afoot in Adelaide. I spent a lot of time there at the beginning of this year and the changes were evident. Things seem to be happening on the streets, in one form or another.

When I told a few people about this blog the same name kept appearing in the conversation: Burger Theory.

In existence for just a year this April, Rob Dean and Dan Mendelson started Burger Theory as a street food venture after finding the overheads of a fixed premise too prohibitive, a common thread amongst start up vendors. Finding their truck “Pearl” on Ebay coincided with support from a newly elected Adelaide Council, eager to revamp the inner city through the development of the Splash Adelaide programme.

A good idea, fantastic timing and, above all, hard work has produced an amazingly popular and successful first year with their name, and delicious burgers and burritos, on everybody’s lips.

You can only hope that with the city voting with its feet and mouths that street food in Adelaide, and Australia as a whole, will grow and grow.



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